Friday, March 2, 2012

Response to Carr- "A Great Wall"

The piece struck me as a key example of Sol LeWitt’s definition of conceptual art. This was particularly evident in LeWitt’s discussion about conceptual art being a full development, and process of an idea. Although the journey changed in many ways, the artists still persisted and continued the work until was complete. The piece also evolved in a very interesting way because of the two artist’s differing demeanors. Ulay’s approach to the journey was much more of a combative one. Ulay was rather insistent on keeping the concept the same as in the beginning. However, Abramovic fully surrendered to the situation, and adapted to overcome obstacles. She followed the idea, and let it lead her, as opposed to her strictly trying to follow an unchanging concept. Both artists were not able to completely walk, and complete the journey. The motives of the artists’ also changed during the planning process. The couple separated, and the piece became more about a relationship, and more of a journey about independence, and adaptation to changes (both physical and emotional).

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